About Me

I have one simple mission for my business Little White Cottage and that is:photo 1

To teach people to sew and support them in their sewing adventures.

Previously I trained as a classical ‘cellist at a London Music College and I then moved into primary school teaching after deciding that a regular income would suit me best. Teaching through creativity with patience and fun led me into having a very successful career teaching in both high achieving schools and those needing improvement.

I learned to sew whilst studying for GCSE Drama when it was quickly discovered that I didn’t really have any acting talent and being ‘quite good on the ‘cello’ would only lead me so far in performing in front of an audience. I was asked if I would like to learn to make costumes, which I did, and I was introduced to the most amazingly inspiring former costumier who taught me to sew. I instantly fell in love with the fabrics, the colours and what could be done with actually not very much and so my sewing journey began. This is also the point that my fabric addiction also started…

I began Little White Cottage as I made my own sewn items that people would always ask ‘Where did you get that from –it’s lovely!’ and when I said I'd made it people would more often than not comment on how they wished they could sew. I soon realised that my talents as a teacher and communicator coupled with my flair for creativity and sewing could all be put together to teach people how to sew. With this Little White Cottage, as it is today, was born.

Working out what makes people tick is really my passion and I firmly believe that anyone can learn to sew and sew confidently within a few weeks. All my courses are designed to do this and cater for the total beginner (with other courses moving the beginner on to develop their skills). All my lessons are simple and many pupils chose to stay on for many months (even years with some pupils!) because they like the relaxed feel of the lessons, the flexibility to change and chose projects and also the copious amount of tea/coffee and homemade cake that gets eaten during the lessons.

Other interesting facts about me is that I am obsessed with canals and narrowboat (having lived on one for 3 years with my 2 dogs many years ago), I rode a motorbike for a year when a car proved too expensive and I am planning to walk Hadrian’s Wall, with my rabble of a family, next year to celebrate my 40th birthday